Por Hoy

“Por Hoy”, is a song that talks about the emotional attachment that can occur at the end of a relationship. When the two people are already hurting each other, but it is difficult for them to breakup. The music video explores this same vibe through the story of A couple that is about to end their relationship because they are in a spiral where they can not find a way out, so they try to express what they really feel through dance. The videoclip follows the journey of this two characters through two different worlds the real one and a dreamworld”
In the real world, the characters hurt each other and they need to be separated, but in the dream world they are capable of unbridling their passions through dance, however, surrounded by a space that overwhelms them. The house functions as a reflection of the relationship, as an empty, deteriorated and uninhabitable space, but the characters keep holding on to it.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Talents: Martín Muela y Genesis Andrade
Choreography: Martín Muela
Directed by: Manuel Palenzuela
Direction Assistant: Miriam Guerrero
Producers: Franccesca Tremolada Silva y Lucía Peceño
DOP: Jimmy MonaGar
Camera operator: Iciar Santana
Camera assistant: Sheila Mera
Gaffer: Daniel Migueláñez
Gaffer assistant: Erick Torrico
Maquinist: Pinky Alonso Bedia
Production design: Sofia Ciffoni y Isabel Ortega
Make up: Zuleynni Cruz
Sound Design: Moisés González
Editing: Manuel Palenzuela
Color Grading: Leonardo Zuloaga y Sergio Porras


Genre: Music Video
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish
Length in minutes: 05:28
YEAR: 2023