Kurt, husband and father of a newborn child, is in the middle of a difficult phase in his marriage. Anna-Lea, Kurt’s wife, is overwhelmed with her role as a mother and is barely able to take care of the household as well, which is why Kurt has to take care of domestic matters in addition to his job. Despite these additional burdens in his daily life, he tries to maintain stability at work and his married life. However, the weight on his shoulders and the lack of support from his wife are getting to him more and more. Can he withstand the pressure?

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Writer & Director: Timon Gabriel Meyer
Kurt: Christian Jankovski
Anna-Lea: Nelly Gyimesi
Director of Photography: Mischa Müller
Assistant Director & Soundmaster: Micha Meyer
Boom Operator: Kenia Sieber & Nathanael Minoletti
Editing: Meyer Brothers
Coloring: Mischa Müller
Make-up: Deborah Meyer


Genre: Drama
Country: Switzerland
Language: Swiss German (English Subtitles)
Length in minutes: 15
YEAR: 2021