In the wilderness on the southern tip of Africa – Whale speaks to Elephant, while Mantis the mischievous summons ancient rhythm and a circus responds – and flies.

Directed by award winning Cape Town based director Bryan Little, Biophilia is performed by Zip Zap Circus artists – A social circus, a family and a home for the youth of South Africa – and features choreography by Sabine van Rensburg and Natasha Patterson (members of The 7 Fingers and Co-Founders of People Watching) and Kiley Doloway (dancer with VIM VIGOR DANCE COMPANY).

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Director: Bryan Garrick Little
Choreographers: Natasha Patterson and Sabine Van Rensburg of People Watching and Kiley Dolaway
Featuring: Zip Zap Circus — Phelelani Ndakrokra, Jacobus Claassen, Bridgette Berning, Charlie, Jade Palmer, Silumko Ndulula, Vuyani Lottering, Jason Barnard
Original Composition: ‘Silence’ by Silvan in collaboration with Stuart Ziegler
Producers: Ana-Filipa Domingues, Sabine Van Rensburg and Zip Zap Circus
On Set Choreographers: Saskia Van Rensburg and Amy Wood
Art Director / Sculptural element designer and maker: Amy Rusch
Art Director: Rebecca van Beeck
Final Audio Mix by: Field Audio
Color: Will Adashek
Special Thanks: Steve Benjamin of Animal Ocean and Pippa Erlich

Jacob Jonas The Company
Executive Producer/Creative Director: Jacob Jonas
Producers: Jill Wilson, Emma Rosenzweig-Bock,
Associate Producers: Joy Isabella Brown, Francisco Cruz, Steve Hackman, Emily Kikta, Rubberlegz, Anibal Sandoval, Mike Tyus, Peter Walker
Fashion Director: Christian Stroble

BAM, The Harris, The Soraya, Stanford Live, Stanford Global Studies


Genre: Dance
Country: South Africa
Language: English
Length in minutes: 4:46
YEAR: 2021