Freaks are back in town…

NORMAL is a dance film to celebrate life and the beauty beyond what people may think as “normal”. Because we all are beauty human beings and deserve love, fun and respect…

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Produced by NYLON

Creative Director: Pelayo Muniz
Choreographer: Itziar del Val

Dancers: Raymond Naval, Lucía López, Naomi Barki, Juan Carlos Fernández and Kris Kortz.

Production: Paloma Portero for NYLON

DOP and Color Grading: Rafa Arroyo
First Camera Assistant: @antonio.albalate

Fax Make Up: José Sedano
Assistant: Marina Gómez

Wardrobe: Cristina Bombay with Peris Costumes
Assistant: Lidia Vaquerizo

Make Up: Toni Triguero

Fx: Rob Díaz
Graphics: Pablo Jiménez
Sound: Rubén Berraquero for bBfprosound

Photography on set: Ignacio Ysasi

Thanx to: Famcitybaile and Miguel Bueno Bueno

The story behind the film

Who wants to be “normal” ? We don´t. We want to be different, unique and passionate about dance, filmaking, life and love…


Genre: Dance
Country: Spain
Language: No dialogue
Length in minutes: 3:40
YEAR: 2022