Sometimes when we’re alone, our imagination spills out of our bodies.
A young woman puts on a record and starts to dance. The music builds, her movement builds, and she transforms.

Filmed on 16mm Kodak vision3

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Directed by Jenna Borisevich
Starring Billie Rose Owen
Cinematography by Robert Mentov
Grip & Electric by Daniel Garcia
Styled by Billie Rose Owen
Choreographed by Jenna Borisevich
Makeup by Olivia Stiernholm
Music Courtesy of Moby Gratis – A Seated Night
Produced by: Horizons Collective

The story behind the film

During Covid there was a lot of stillness. A lot of sitting with your feelings and letting them stew inside of you. But sometimes I’d listen to something so moving that I couldn’t help imagining all of these emotions spilling out of me through movement and colour and totally letting go—sort of like transcending your own body and giving into some sort of grand cinematic experience.

That was the concept that inspired this project, and directing and choreographing gave me a whole lot of life during a dark and unnerving winter.


Genre: Experimental / Dance / Music Video
Country: Canada
Language: English
Length in minutes: 4:30
YEAR: 2021