NEKANE is an experimental video dance project that reveals the different layers, textures and dimensions of pain during grief.

Dancer Ainhoa Urrestilla dances her mother’s memory, NEKANE, a name which comes from the basque word “nekè”, that means “pain” or “sorrow” and explores the way in which pain flows arrythmically inside and outside of her body, taking unpredictably shapes and magnitudes.

Throughout dance, Ainhoa materializes and shapes the pain, defying its infinite and uncontrollable character. NEKANE uses dance, cinematography and sound as a language to show pain’s complexity, confronting its enormity, giving it space, without fear, without resistance.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Dancer and Choreographer
Ainhoa Urrestilla

Written and directed by
Clara Rodríguez Arasanz

Ismael Derhali Conforto

Irene Molina

Original Music by
Silvia Acosta Santos

Production Manager// AD
Marina Torres

Production Assistant
Víctor Pérez Porcel

1st AC
Pol Subirà

2nd AC
Andrea López

Guillem Birba Mompeó

Adrian Stutzbarth Catalan
Victor Martínez Abad

Laia Badia Ferran

Sound Design
Silvia Acosta Santos
Chris Baker

Unai Rosende
Keweke Films

Graphic Design
Giorgio Craparo

Recording Engineer
Eduard Esquirol

Ainhoa Urrestilla

Bertsoak by
Ainhoa Urrestilla
Xorkun Uzkudun Arreseigor

16mm Crew

Camera Operator
Jordi Palau

1st AC:
Hector Felix

2nd AC:
Alejandro Terol

Andrea Lopez

Karanva Kurnikova
Fernando López


Papis, Carles, Albert, Camille, Sati, Rae, Carlos, Charo, Unai, Eva, Rubén, Carmen, Neus, Maria Rosario, Elena, Marce, Marta, Oriol, Coco, Toti, Michele, Anna, Dina, Maria Dolores, Situ, Iol, Sonia, Ramsy, Candela, Marc, Konvent Zero, ESCAC, KEWEKE FILMS and ALL THE ANONYMOUS DONATIONS.

The story behind the film

I grieved several times in my life, and I would describe that pain as something that flows through me arrythmically, taking shapes and magnitudes that get into every corner of my guts. Pain has multiple layers, textures and dimensions which culminate in the numbness of our own void.

My friend and dancer Ainhoa Urrestilla recently lost her mother to cancer and we both felt that dance was the best medium to represent the infinite and uncontrollable character of the pain she was going through.


Genre: Dance
Country: Spain
Language: Basque
Length in minutes: 5
YEAR: 2023