My Myalo

A Ventriloquist must over come his puppets torment in order to find new love.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Bruce ‘BJ’ Allan – Tom
Donna Lambert – Flow
Paul Lewis – Myalo

Ashley Pitman – Writer & Director
Ashley Wiliams, Ashley Pitman – Producers
Valeria Astudillo, Ygnacio Cervio – Early Development Production
Cristobal Araus Lobos – 1st Assistant Director
Amber Leigh Stevens – Production Manager
Ygnacio Cervio – Script Supervisor
Steven Allanson – Cinematography
Andy Lau – Focus Puller
Nicole Dickerson – Camera Assistant
Spencer Locke-bonney – Gaffer
Ande Schurr – Sound Recordist
George Finnigan – Sound Assistant
Michael Smith – Art Director
Ellie Winship, Brittany Hollis – Makeup Artist
Genelle Eaglen – Costume Design
Paul Lewis – Puppet Maker
Kayla Litchfield,  – Standby Props
Damien Leith, Astra Smith – Art Assistant
Fauze Hassen – Editor
Andrew Brown – Film Grade
Shaun Dooley – Data Wrangler
Jimmy McPhie – Title and Credits
Dick Reade, Richard Wills – Audio Post

Music By
Leyton Greening – Drums
Richard Wills – Saxophone

Robyn Jackson – Unit
Marcus, Denise Williams – Catering
Federico Genovart – Photographer
Jared Jones – Videographer
Emma Savage – Storyboard Artist


Genre: Dark Comedy
Country: New Zealand
Language: English
Length in minutes: 07:42
YEAR: 2019