Eat me!

An airhead beauty is transformed by her vision of singing and dancing food.
How people treat each other is mirrored in the way we treat our environment and our food. That’s why “Eat me” focuses on our attitude to food, its dubious contents and food waste through the prism of a skewed relationship.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Director: Ilina Perianova
Writer: Ilina Perianova
Lyrics: Yagama – Marianna Perianova, Katariina Rebane, Ilina Perianova
Cinematography: Alexander Krumov
Composer: Emelina Gorcheva
Editor: Asen Sokolov
Producer: Ilina Perianova, Yagama aka Marianna Perianova, Alexander Krumov, Yancho Mihailov, Deyan Bararev
Cast: Luiza Grigorova, Nigel Barber, Eliyan Arroyo, Dilqna Spasova, Ivailo Draganov, Lilia Christova, Iskren Petkov, Yoana Ivanova, Borislav Hristov, Sofia Georgieva,
As well as : Diana Kostova, Yoana Tsekova, Philip Dipchikov, Vasil Dipchikov, Stefan Vuchov and others

The Making Of

The story behind the film

Are we going to eat away our planet or will we try to create a better future?

Eat Me! is a short musical film about overconsumption and food waste. It tells the story of an airhead beauty who is transformed by a vision of singing and dancing food.

Laura, who’s obsessed with staying slim, is at an expensive dinner date with her rich and gluttonous boyfriend. But her attitude to life and food change when she meets the singing foods and is dragged into the whirlwind of their dance.

The story is told in a creative and funny way, using song and dance. We’re aiming to raise awareness on the food related issues that affect all of humanity. That’s why it’s colorful and entertaining, and suitable for young and old.

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Genre: Musical
Country: Bulgaria / Estonia / Germany
Language: English
Length in minutes: 21
YEAR: 2016