Lucas is Here

Lucas returns home to face some uncomfortable truths.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Starring Lance Daniels, Mel House, Tim Boardman, and Franklin Kavaler

production company: rubbertape

Written & Directed by Owen Lazur

Produced by Jeremy Truong
Cinematography by Robert Newman

Production Design by Rachel Brown

Edited by Kyle Sims

Color by Alexia Salingaros

Casting by Jack Launder

1st AD – Ingie Enan

1st AC – Linda Wu

2nd AC – Celeste Perlez

Gaffer – Max Maluso

Key Grip – Alex Kary

Swing – Samon Siripanichgon

Sound Mixer – Vivian Gisle

Boom Operator – Trey Deming

Wardrobe Designer – Alex Zemaitis

HMU – Lily Li

Director's Note

When I was in college I lived two hours away from my grandfather, but I rarely went to see him. During my third year he got sick, but still, I was hesitant; I didn’t want to acknowledge the pain of it, and I knew I would have to if I saw him. I would regret this later, of course. After he died, I realized how hopelessly good people are at ignoring the painful realities of our lives, even when it goes against our best interests.

I became interested in telling a story about someone who fails to confront something that really ought to be confronted, and in doing so creates a tragedy that would otherwise not have occurred. I wanted to explore that contradiction of human nature, and I also hoped that making the film would help me process the guilt I felt for not being there when I should have been.


Genre: Drama
Country: USA
Language: English
Length in minutes: 13:30
YEAR: 2020