Legal 18

An actor in his late twenties totally crushes his audition for the role of a thirteen year-old bully.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Starring: Jack Foley, Tim True, & Esai Daniel Cross

Written & Directed by Jack Foley

Cinematography by Philipp Girke
Production Sound by Alexandra Parral
Original Music by David Singer

Unit Production Manager: Will Lamparelli
Production Coordinator: Alex Ibarra
1st Assistant Director: Elias Smith
Producer: Jack Foley
Key Production Assistant: Delaney Archer

1st Assistant Camera: James Choi
Additional 1st Assistant Camera: Noah Deats
Gaffer: Justin Wilson
G/E Swing: Will Fritz
Wardrobe: Sarah Ritter
Studio Teacher: Daryl Chou
Additional Production Sound: Sam Aston

Colorist: Nate Seymour
Color Producer: Phoebe Torsilieri
VFX: Pendulum VFX

The story behind the film

This is my dark and comedic exploration of the complex world of children’s television casting and its victims. I mean stars. I wanted to make a caricature of a very specific part of Hollywood. The next time you’re wondering why a 28 year-old is playing a high schooler, you’ll know what went down…


Genre: Comedy
Country: USA
Language: English
Length in minutes: 7
YEAR: 2023