Là dove c'è troppa luce

Two lonely souls meets in the bar of a kitsch disco in Milan, by the end of the evening. After a “Gaffe”, they will talk each other sincerely and together will find a meaning in their lives.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

con Marco S. Bellocchio e Roberta Rigano
scritto e diretto da Lorenzo Mannino
prodotto dal Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia – SEDE LOMBARDIA
fotografia di Giuseppe Bonasia
Musiche originali di Danilo Randazzo
Canzone originale (che potrete sentire nel finale del corto) di Alessandra Pirrone (voce e testo) e Orazio Magrì (musiche e mix)
Aiuto regia: Lorenzo Cioglia
Assistente alla regia: Flavia Giulivi
Mua e Special fx di Valentina Radenti
Scenografia: Iacopo Costanzo e Max Perego

The story behind the film

When a place is told, the people who live there or tell it attending; “Where there is too much light” tells about Milan, its suburbs, but especially of one of his discopubs: “The Circle”, a disco pub of the suburbs like so many, but who becomes a crossroads of emotions for the two main characters.

One, Nick, is an ex-photographer, after years in prison. The other one,
Francesca is an actress, or at least would like to be a real actress. Not only in the advertising industry.

Their meeting is however marked by an ugly “gaffe”, which paradoxically will help them really trust each other.

To feel less alone, together, in the city of appearances: where only who you are is, who you know and who frequent really matters.
For them two will be different and, perhaps so, they will manage to change something in theirs lives.


Genre: Noir / Drama
Country: Italy
Language: Italian (sub eng)
Length in minutes: 10
YEAR: 2018