A masked man misses his train to work.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Writer/Director: Shin Ochiai
Producer: Flora Fei
Director Of Photography: Flora Fei
Starring: Yizhi “Kevin” Zhou
Sound Designer: J.D. Hernandez
Editor: Shin Ochiai
Colorist: Isla Thatcher

The story behind the film

I created this film during my experience of having to overwork weeks on end at my corporate job, and there was this dreading tiredness that I really wanted to convey. I am originally from Tokyo and I have always felt connected to my culture, so when I learned about “Karoshi,” meaning “death from overwork,” I started to wonder that even if I lived in America, I can still go through what people in Japan go through. I think that phenomenon indicates the consequences of nurturing a workaholic society and no matter what countries we live in, we might not be so far apart in succumbing to these dreadful feelings.


Genre: Experimental / Drama
Country: USA
Language: Japanese
Length in minutes: 3:00
YEAR: 2023