A reconciliation brunch goes awry when someone ​brings an unexpected guest.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Starring Stephanie Drake, Joel Kelley Dauten & Vivian Kerr
​Director Vivian Kerr
Writer Cory Stonebrook
Director of Photography Markus Mentzer
Editors Marian Jimenez & Eileen de Klerk
Sound Rob Fillmore
Composer Holly Tatnall
Producers Stephanie Drake, Vivian Kerr & Rachel Stander
Production Company A Season of Rain

The story behind the film

Let’s face it, love makes us batshit crazy. What drew me to Cory Stonebrook’s hilarious script is its unusual love story — between a woman and a …piece of produce. Silly yet tenderhearted, Cory’s writing has a unique ability to combine irreverent humor with grounded, human relationships interspersed with sweet moments — a husband comforting his nervous wife over a guest’s arrival, two sisters trying to find their way to reconcile after a decade apart. Being family involves compromise and acceptance, even if your family member insists they are in love with, as the character Brynn puts it, “a piece of fucking fruit.” What a pleasure to work with this talented group of filmmakers: brilliant actors Stephanie Drake and Joel Kelley Dauten, cinematographer Markus Mentzer, and producer Rachel Stander, to bring Cory’s wonderful writing to life. -Vivian Kerr


Genre: Comedy
Country: USA
Language: English
Length in minutes: 7
YEAR: 2022