Jules Makes Juice

Jules is a Swiss national who has been living in Montreal for 8 years. ‘Jules Makes Juice’ follows him over the course of 3 years chronicling the course of a passion morphing into a business. As well as the ups and downs that come with starting and running a small business with two close friends.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Produced, Directed, Shot, and Edited by: Henry Acteson
Sound Design by: Simon Blitzer

The story behind the film

Jules and the filmmaker, Henry met in 2018 in Montreal and quickly became friends through the process of documenting the formation of what was to become Zamalek Hibiscus Juice. This project started off without much initial direction and found its way over the course of the 3 and some years it spans.


Genre: Documentary
Country: Canada
Language: English
Length in minutes: 8 mins
YEAR: 2022