In the dark

A story about a girl and her temptation.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Director: Roman Duneshenko
Director of photography: Mila Shamraeva
Producers: Stepan Chernikov, Taya Komarova

Starring: Vlada Erofeeva
Priest: Slava Sikorsky

Production: Cherry, Ogonok

The story behind the film

We all live under the oppression of certain foundations, breaking which we become the object of public censure. I wanted to play this game and take it to extreme. On the one hand, sex is a red flag for those who like to condemn. On the other hand, the church has always been extremely conservative. I pushed these elements together, making it as dramatic as possible and turning it into visual poetry.

Yes, we used the texture of religion, but this video wasn’t a manifesto against it. I take religion calmly and even with understanding.

It’s more like a manifesto against any power that restricts the natural needs of a person and punishes him for his desires and actions that are harmless to society. And the theme of religion in it is only for the sake of visual aesthetics.

The Making Of


Genre: Drama
Country: Russia
Language: English
Length in minutes: 4:26
YEAR: 2021

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