I am Whole

A coming of age story about a girl starting to find her voice while struggling with the pressures of growing up too fast from her peers and social media.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Directed + Story by: Bianca Poletti
Production companies: Frenzy + Zauberberg
Produced by: Shayna Gianelli
EPs: Alex Funada, Elsa Rokotoson, Capucine Charbonnier, Frank Siegal, and Andrea Roman Perse
Story by: Bianca Poletti
Poem written by: Nikki Lorenzo
Cinematography by: Kayla Hoff
Starring: Reina Hardesty, Brando Crawford, Natasha Hamilton and Amelie Barrero
Soundtrack: Emilie Mosseri
Track: Slumber
Music supervisor: Abbey Hendrix
Edited by: Dusten Zimmerman
Edit house: Cabin Edit
Color: Mikey Rossiter
PD: Sara Fern
Wardrobe: Keyla Marquez
Sound mixing: Chris Nungary
VFX: Zauberberg
Titles: Fiftyoneeight
Promo + BTS stills: Lauren Withrow


Genre: Experimental / Coming of Age
Country: USA
Language: English
Length in minutes: 3:00
YEAR: 2022