Dirt Jumper

In a career with more ups and downs than his signature power-runs on the bike, Dirt Jumper Sandro Silva unpacks his winning mentality and what his greatest achievement has been: a close circle of family and friends to keep hm on track.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Featuring: Sandro Silva / Client: Betclic Portugal / Agency: Funnyhow / Creative Director at Funnyhow: Cesar Sousa / Project Manager at Funnyhow: João Lopes Gonçalves / Creatives at Funnyhow: André Moreira, Leonardo Fernandez, and João Bronze. / An el-Hey Films production / Executive Producer: Miguel Coimbra / Head of Production: Inês Santos / Script, Research, and Interviews: Maria João Venâncio / Directed by: Marco Espirito Santo / Cinematography: Alfra Teixeira and Marco Espirito Santo. / Camera equipment and support: a-Tundra Filmes. / Camera Assistant: Alexandre Azevedo / a-Tundra Filmes producer: Alex Barone / Drone Pilot and footage: Gu / Editor: Inês Bahia Soares / Sound Design: Victor Mingates at Ameba / Music: Mikkel Solnado at Great Dane Studios / Colorist: Marco Amaral at The Yellow Color / Post-Production: Pedro Vicente at Musgo / Featuring the riders: Zé Lopes, Joel Pires, Jessica Brazão, Ruben Dias and also Ricardo Santos, Isabel Antunes, Hugo Santos, Ana Raquel Machado, and the little dude Sebastião Silva! / Special Thanks to the following for their support: Skillbikes Portugal, Restaurante O Solar, A-Design / Thank you also to: Ana Carqueijeiro at Ameba, and Ana at The Yellow Color.

The story behind the film

The third and final film for Betclic Portugal’s “Defy The Odds” campaign, which focuses on sportspeople who have dedicated their lives to lesser-known sports, this one focuses on Dirt Jumper Sandro Silva. A trailblazer for the sport here in Portugal, I was instantly drawn to his raw, unapologetic attitude to his sport and to life in general; he says what he feels and gives everything 100% and I really connected to that. Sandro was just coming back from a long period of injury but in true warrior fashion he gave us absolutely everything he had, and at the end of the day landed a massive backside-tailwhip which was unbelievable. He is a force of nature and I thank him for his time and patience during our shoot, his family and friends for their support, and the whole production team for their final push on this three-part campaign.


Genre: Documentary
Country: Portugal
Language: Portuguese (with English subtitles)
Length in minutes: 3.28
YEAR: 2022