GUIDA - Unique Geographies Imagined by the Inhabitants

G.U.I.D.A. is a travel film that delves into the individual memory, for the conservation of the intangible heritage of places.

In this project I was asked by a local cultural foundation to tell the story of the small town where I live, together with the musicians of the audiovisual collective we founded. The big question was: how to tell in a different way a place as wild as full of history, so as not to fall into the clichés of mass tourism? So I try to imagine Balsam, a foreign visitor, came by chance in a city of stone, shaped by fatigue and water. Following a dream he begins to seek the “genius loci” (the spirit of the place”), eventually discovering a land much closer to his home than he thought.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Produced by: Cricket Productions and Bloodynose
Written and directed by Massimiliano Cosi

Actors: Balsam Asfur, Donato Laborante
Extras: Carmine Calia, Elisabetta Cappiello, Angelo D’addario, Giuseppe Digennaro, Mariateresa Demarinis, Angela Gismundo, Michele Marrulli, Valentino Pugliese, Pasqua Tedesco
Cinematography: Massimiliano Cosi
Editing and Grading: Massimiliano Cosi
Sound technician-Foley artist: Francesco Leoce
MUA: Lara Pellicano
Art Director: Massimiliano Cosi
Radio-Synth design: Andrea Toriello
Warrior’s Helmet-Sword: Michele Navedoro
Aphrodite’s dress: Atelier Lucia Santeramo
Aphrodite’s crown: Rosa Matera, Roberto Prisciandaro
Aphrodite’s jewelry: Akiram Jewelry
Voiceover: Balsam Asfur
Voiceover text: Massimiliano Cosi
Original Soundtracks: “Seven Rooms” by Gaio Ariani, “Conversation with a stone” by Carmine Calia
Sound Design and Sound Editing: Francesco Leoce


Genre: Travel film
Country: Italy
Language: Italian – English
Length in minutes: 09:42
YEAR: 2022