A Life In The Future

Christopher wants to be frozen. Experiencing the future in 500 years – that’s the dream! His girlfriend Melanie is not very excited. But has she ever seriously thought about it? To cheat death – and besides, the procedure is foolproof!

A Life In The Future is a 5 minute sci-fi shortfilm, directed by Felix Schuch and Lukas Rinker, produced by Dropout Films.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Production: Felix Schuch, Lukas Rinker, Daniel Seideneder
Director´s: Felix Schuch & Lukas Rinker
Script: Carl V. Rossi
Cast: Ben Reynolds, Sydney LaFaire, Kristina Van Eyck
DOP: Matthias Knebl
Assistance: Alexander Hansen, Bianca Büdenbender
Gaffer: Christine Wetzel,
Lighting: Markus Biersack, Manuel Weinrich
Set Sound: Timo Dicke
Make-up: Wiebke Bartelt
Catering: Udo Schuch
Editing: Johannes Furrer, Lukas Rinker
3D Animation und VFX: Felix Schuch
Color Correction: Christine Wetzel
Sound Mixing: Gregor von Sivers


Genre: Sci-Fi
Country: Germany
Language: English
Length in minutes: 5
YEAR: 2022