When Grace (Ariel Mortman) is “ghosted” at the same time as recovering from an injury, she drives herself mad waiting for a call. Grace must confront reality in her sedentary state in order to heal both mentally and physically.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast


Grace: Ariel Mortman
Nick: Adam Budron

Written, Directed & Produced by: Morgan Gruer
Co-Writer: Laura Holliday
Co-Producers: Ariel Mortman, Tal Pink
Executive Producer: Russell Sanzgiri / Counterpart Pictures
Director of Photography: Dustin Supencheck

1st Assistant Director: Liz Holland
Art Director / Production Designer: Alison Bloom
Hair & Make-Up: Elaina Karras

Audio: Chris Clapypool
G/E Swing: Edgar Cortes Campoy
1st AC: Ryan Sax, Emaad Elhardouzi
Grip: Michael Moore
Gaffer: Heather Grothues
Production Assistants: Julian Park, Joe Mullen
BTS Photographers: Julian Park, Geffen Shechor

Editor: Chad Sarahina
Color: Arianna Shining Star
Animation Director: Morgan Gruer
Animation Assistants: Kohana Wilson, Andrea Porretta, Sophia Baraschi-Ehrlich

Score: Zura Kobakhidze
With Music from: SPAER ft Money Penny
End Credits Track: “Call Me Back” – Young The Giant © Elektra Music

Sound Design & Mix: One Thousand Birds
Executive Producer: Kira MacKnight
Sound Designer: Torin Geller
Audio Post Producer: Alex Berner-Coe

The Making Of

The story behind the film

Ghosted was created as a response to an experience I had when I was ghosted while recovering from an injury. This man’s sudden disappearance led me down a path of overthinking that escalated as the months dragged slowly on. The longer my body was sedentary, the more hyperactive my mind became. Ghosted expands on this, as Grace’s circumstances slowly test her sanity and well-being.

We didn’t want to portray Grace as a saint and Nick as a villain. Despite Grace’s affliction over being ignored, she subsequently does the same thing to the people in her life who care about her. After all, life is not black and white; people are not just good or bad. I am more interested in exploring the in-between moments – the grey zone – that makes us human.

Ghosted aims to hold up a mirror to modern dating. In the hopes that the next time we are faced in a similar situation, we may learn from our past.


Genre: Narrative / Drama
Country: USA
Language: English
Length in minutes: 8
YEAR: 2020