Android 707

Nestor is a guy immersed in melancholy. In his attempt to forget an old love, he begins a new relationship with Isabel, an android.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

• Director & writer: Alfredo Viramontes

• Producers: Jesús “El Capi” Díaz, Carlos Hernández-Paz, Luis Orozco, Alfredo Viramontes & Melissa Zamudio

• Cast: Nestor Padilla, Jan Meza Oviedo, Jennifer Miranda, Yessica Alcántar, Ayleen Cachú & Luis Orozco

The Making Of

Android 707 and how to take advantage of heartbreak

How was the idea of Android 707 born?

Android 707 was born with the intention of expressing feelings that I had repressed. A way to express what I felt before three love disappointments by making the analogy with machines. Sometimes some people treat others as something that is only used and thrown away, no matter what the other may feel. I saw the need to address my feelings through cinema and, in particular, of two genres which I love: Romance and science fiction. Both genres show us the most sensitive and reflective side of romantic relationships in modern times full of technology, selfishness and coldness.


Genre: Sci-Fi / Romance
Country: Mexico
Language: Spanish
Length in minutes: 15:00
YEAR: 2020