Woken by a mysterious phone call, Rosario finds her house filled with strange red and blue notes. Unaware of their origin, she embarks on a mission to find out what they mean. As she journeys into the depths of her house, she feels a familiar presence accompanying her along the way.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Cast and Crew
Cast – Rozario Revuelta and Pedro Gigena/
Director, Screenwriter, Producer – Tomás Roldán/
First Assistant Director – Gisela Aguilar/
Assistant Producer – Erika Villafañe Ferreyra/
Seconda Assistant Director – Carla Ontivero/
Director of Photography – Nicolás Acosta Koenig/
Art Director – Rosana Simonella/
Editor – Tomás Roldán and Rosana Simonella/
Sound Design and Music – Lucas González/
Camera – Nicolás Acosta Koenig/
Focus Puller – Agustín Asis/
Color – Agustín Asis/
Visual Effects – Diego Medina/
Gaffer – Facundo Farias/
Best Boy Electric – Julián Villar, Paula Sanchez Clavijo/
Graphic Designer – David Fernández/
Special Thanks – Mamaq, Magalí Mérida, GVPro, Gustavo Vergara, Black and Rose, Nahuel Miguel Faggiano, María Josefina Walter, The Lighthouse, Fatima Estrella, Martín Gasparini, Lexi Johnson, Mere Lorraine, Alicia Acosta Koenig

The Making Of

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Genre: Drama / Horror
Country: Argentina
Language: Spanish
Length in minutes: 25
YEAR: 2023