Con Artist

Con Artist explores an abstract short story representation of three young women in conflict with their perceived and true identities. The story blurs the lines between the real and metaphysical world, where the three characters’ must complete a dangerous heist and implement their weapon of change, the spool of the film titled “Con Artist”. By completing this task they will aim to recreate the perceived image of their true selves. Each abstract scene highlights the dynamic skills and personalities of Josie, Ella, and Addie.

All three girls, commit an incredible balancing act between passions and lifestyles as highlighted in abstract messaging throughout the piece.

But the film isint only an abstract representation of this conflict, it’s also an artistic display of the natural love all of them have for skiing. Throughout the piece, we get a glimpse of the skill and pure joy they all receive from skiing for themselves. From dead winter backcountry to spring slush, we get to witness this repeated change of seasons and how the experience on skis changes along with it.

This piece is a culmination of passion, self-reflection, and the joy and beauty we find in the things we do every day. We hope you experience this piece with an open mind and find the joy we shared in making it for you.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Directed & Edited by: Griffin Glendinning

Written By: Addison Rafford, Ella Meade, Josie Petersen

Ast. Director: Addison Rafford

Production: Milk Box Girls

Original Soundtrack: John Hayes

DOP: Griffin Glendinning

Additional Cinematography: Pierce Klinke, Morgan Shields, Hayden Gilmour, Jonah Elston, Ezekiel Miles, Addison Rafford, Cam Keith, Doug Jambor, Griffin Neault, Matt Lancaster

Ast. Writers: Griffin Glendinning, Gianni Giordano

Executive Producer: Addison Rafford
Colorist: Andy Woodward
Sound Design & Visual Effects: Ezekiel Miles
Editing Assistant: Ezekiel Miles
Title Design: Ezekiel Miles & Ella Meade
Merch & Branding: Ella Meade

Sponsors: Black Crows Skis, Toyota, Treeline Coffee, Sun Valley Resort, CAST, Backcountry Access

Supporters: LEVEL 1, GiroDisc, EPIC, Reflex Ski, SMITH, VSSG, Corduroy

Additional Music Courtesy of:

Rival Consoles.
Emile Mosseri.
Wine Lips.

The story behind the film

My reason for undertaking this project is straightforward: Ski films must be pushed creatively and transcend the boundaries of what is considered new and different. There is so much beauty and artistic expression in the sport that goes unnoticed; many of these athletes are unique and “outside the box” thinkers who bring their sense of style and individuality into their craft.

There is something to be said about the traditional approach to a ski project; the magnitude of the segment and the skill level of the skier determining its value. This approach is engrained in the culture and sparked the original ski film phenomena; it works. But this causes many snow athletes to “shy away” from art expression outside of the segment, further following the “cookie cutter” format we see year after year from the big names.

I do believe that “Con Artist,” along with many other new films from the rising generation, are proving to stretch the confines of what’s considered a ski project. We must allow the natural beauty of this incredible action to show itself in any form it feels fit. The MBG team and I want this piece to enable the viewer to feel like they are a part of something bigger than just the sport and experience the art rather than judge it.


Genre: Experimental
Country: USA
Language: English
Length in minutes: 12
YEAR: 2023