For Them

Two lovers reflect on their future.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Starring Odalis Rojas & Thomas Vieljeux

Writer/Director – Mateo Márquez
Director of Photography – David Grigorian
Sound Recordist – Lucas Miller
Sound Design – Roni Pillischer
VFX – Eugene Vernikov
Music – Chris Zabriskie

The story behind the film

This film was created out of a need to confront the anxiety of time and space. The uncertainty that two people who desire to be with one another but cannot simply due to circumstance. I wanted to move the characters through space, reliving the moments they shared together as they spoke in the present. Their dialogue is less a reflection and more a confession for the journey that awaits them.


Genre: Drama / Fantasy / Romance
Country: USA
Language: English, Some French and Spanish
Length in minutes: 6:34
YEAR: 2020