Fashion and science fiction merge into a series of visuals directed by filmmaker Tomas Kamphuis. The short film, ‘EXILES’, welcomes us into another realm. Adidas and Chinese streetwear brand, HAMCUS, launched a capsule collaboration, now presented within this short narrative across the stark backdrop of Zone 3, a celestial landscape weaving together the brands’ two distinct aesthetics.

“EXILES” escorts you through the depleted terrains of Zone 3, where individuals carve out existence amidst an unforgiving drought. We meet the Roamers, struggling against the once nurturing land now turned stark and arid. A sound engineer travels the empty expanses, scouring radio signals for perhaps a distant hope or an untold story. Students, bound by their stark surroundings, nurture quiet dreams of a future elsewhere, while the mine workers, etched with toil and exhaustion, linger in the depths of near despair. Suddenly, a celestial beam brings an unforeseen change, resuscitating a long-extinct lake and intertwining the lives of these solitary beings. Drawn towards this anomaly, their isolated existences intersect, bringing about a shared glimmer of hope amidst their respective struggles. “EXILES” unfolds a candid story of resilience, serendipitous meetings, and the birth of unity in a landscape that had forgotten the meaning of the word.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast


A film by Tomas Kamphuis.

Client – Adidas x HAMCUS
Writer/Director – Tomas Kamphuis
Cinematography – Kevin Kimman
Producer – Lucia Alonso
Producer – Felipe Barros
Assistant Cinematographer – Pedro Carvalho
Art Director – Nicola Gaudenzi
Gaffer – Dick Bloemraad
Makeup – Duda Garcez
Makeup – Anne Suse de Blok
Photography – Lucia Alonso
Editing – Nikki Faberij de Jonge
Editing – Tomas Kamphuis
Compositing – Eric Limburg
Compositing – Mark Yfantidis
Compositing – Jan Reuser
Original Music & Sound Design – Maurits Verwoerd aka Nachtbraker
Color Grading – Vanneau
Publicist – Kaitlynn VanderWaal


Roamer – Duda Garcez
Roamer – Anne Suse de Blok
Transmitter – Nicola Gaudenzi
Mine Worker – Guilherme Vernize
Mine Worker – Stephen Forster- Brass
Mine Guard – Tremor Shakzz
Student – Joana Videira
Student – Davide Del Barba

Special Thanks

District Hive
Planar Lisboa
Showreel Lisboa
Agatha Bainbridge

The story behind the film

This linkage between fashion and sci-fi has now evolved into a techwear revolution, exemplified by the HAMCUS x Adidas collaboration. The partnership represents an integration of futuristic design and functionality, boldly merging fashion and film into an avant-garde narrative. This film plants us firmly at the intersection of style and science fiction, where the past inspires the present, and the future is shaped by this enduring love affair.

HAMCUS, fast positioning itself as one of techwear’s more innovative brands, is blending technology with traditional couture craftsmanship. This progressive approach is seen in ‘EXILES’ styling, where each piece was a bespoke creation for each character, expanding upon the imaginative universe of Duszen by founder Tuff Leung. Each outfit goes beyond aesthetics; it encapsulates the essence of the characters’ journey, solidifying the brand’s commitment to pushing the boundaries between the garment industry and storytelling.

Fashion and science fiction film share an enduring and often overlooked love affair that goes beyond mere costume design or styling. Visionaries like Jean Paul Gaultier have elevated fashion to an integral part of the cinematic narrative, as seen in his visionary creations for ‘The Fifth Element.’ Pioneers such as Pierre Cardin, Paco Rabanne, André Courrèges, and Jean Paul Gaultier laid the groundwork for a dystopian, military-inspired aesthetic, giving birth to the avant-garde.

‘EXILES’ was shot over the course of five days across abandoned mines throughout Portugal and Spain. To elevate these locations beyond their inherently desolate nature, a blend of art and technology with set extensions were crafted to further distance the world beyond their earthly origins.

More about EXILES


The creative idea behind ‘EXILES’ was to merge fashion and science fiction, presenting a short film written and directed by Tomas Kamphuis that unveils a capsule collection from Adidas and Hamcus. The project aimed to transport the audience into the visionary universe of Duszen, envisioned by Hamcus founder Tuff Leung. The challenge was to capture the essence of this visionary universe and create a tangible and compelling visual narrative that resonated with both adidas and Hamcus audiences. 

”Exiles” is a fresh take on fashion advertising. The idea was to create something more meaningful than the typical fast-paced fashion videos. We focused on storytelling, using fashion to tell the story of a fictional universe. The film is set in a unique sci-fi world, and the fashion is inspired by different areas of this universe. It’s more than just clothing; it’s a part of the film’s fabric, integral to the story. We wanted to create an emotional connection, not just a visual spectacle. So, we chose street-cast models to represent the various tribes of this planet. This added realism and depth to the story. Our goal was to move away from the norm and offer an experience that’s both engaging and thought-provoking, connecting fashion with a deeper narrative.


The creative idea is relevant as it seamlessly blended the distinct aesthetics of Adidas and Hamcus in a celestial narrative set in the fictional universe of Duszen. This alignment with the visionary universe provided a unique context for the collaboration, resonating with diverse audiences. Inspired by iconic collaborations at the intersection of fashion and science fiction, like Jean Paul Gaultier in ‘The Fifth Element’, brought a new, avant-garde dimension to the project, fitting within the cultural and stylistic context of both brands.


Filmed over five days in abandoned mines across Portugal and Spain, the project involved a meticulous blend of art and technology. In addition to computer generated effects, illuminated sand patterns were captured in a controlled studio environment to overlay the Roamers’ terrains with an ethereal glow. The crew also devoted days to capture chemical reactions and microscopic footage, revealing the planet’s transformation at its most elemental level. Set extensions transformed desolate locations, all to emphasize specific styling choices that showcased the craftsmanship of the imagined universe.

Styling choices were made in close collaboration with Hamcus, each pointing to the essence of the characters’ journeys, highlighting the brand’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of fashion and storytelling. Each outfit, bespoke for characters, shows the progressive approach of Hamcus, integrating technology with traditional couture craftsmanship.


The impact of ‘EXILES’ was evident in its reception, marking an uplifting and welcomed response. The film’s feature across platforms like Shots, TechHunter Magazine, and Frame Set indicated its success in capturing attention. The project contributed to the evolving narrative around fashion, techwear, and storytelling, impacting the perception of these industries.


Genre: Sci-Fi
Country: Portugal and Spain
Language: English
Length in minutes: 03:47
YEAR: 2023