Colours of Provence

“Colours of Provence” is a short documentary created in 2023 showing the working approach of Inès CICCONE, a young ceramist based in Provence (South of France). Her work is inspired by the natural colours and landscapes of this beautiful land.

Inès Ciccone is a talented French ceramist based in Cotignac in Provence. Inès’ unique pieces are crafted with care and passion and take you on a journey through the landscapes of Provence, where she draws her inspiration.
This documentary shows how ceramics can be used to tell stories and create connections between
people and the nature around them. The film is a celebration of the beauty and richness of Provençal culture.”

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Directed by Renaud Conti
Featuring Inès CICCONE

The story behind the film

Inès Ciccone

French ceramist graduated in graphic design and product design in Lyon then in Paris, Inès Ciccone decided to launch into ceramics in 2021 and completely changed her life by settling in the south of France, in Cotignac, a small village in Provence. Passionate about art, she fi nds in this discipline a freedom of expression, an endless creativity. Self-taught in ceramics, she practices the potter’s wheel, a technique that she particularly likes, which off ers an infi nite possibility of form and creation. Inès’ work revolves around the representation of landscapes inspired by plants and minerals of Provence. Through the enamels and oxide juices that she uses, Inès enjoys creating landscapes and horizons, thanks to the contrasts and textures of the materials but also thanks to her dipping and layering technique. In the collections off ered by the ceramist, the shades and shapes are induced by the environment that surrounds her. Each collection has its own inspiration ranging from Provence Verte (the Provence region where she lives) vegetation to Mediterranean decors. Concerned about the utilitarian and aesthetic aspect, Inès off ers unique stoneware pieces suitable for daily use, notably plates, cups but also decorative objects.

Director's statement

“I’m a native of Provence (South East of France area), and I am passionate about the work of artisans, farmers and in general all kinds of creators who bring their territory to life and bring a cultural footprint to it.
This project in partnership with “The Chamber of Arts and Crafts of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur” (“La chambre des métiers et de l’artisanat de Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur”) was initiated and fi nanced by “the Provence Verte Agglomeration” which gave me artistic freedom to carry out these portraits of artisans with my own aesthetic vision of it.
This project brought together two important aspects to me : a love for this region and an admiration for the artisans who make it vibrate.
Regarding the aesthetic approach to the fi lm’s photography, I wanted to obtain a rather “soft” image in the spirit of certain Italian paintings from the Renaissance period which, in my opinion, perfectly highlight territories such as Provence or Tuscany.
I therefore worked as much as possible with natural light, I also used a Blackmagic cinema camera and DZOFILM cinema optics in order to help in acheiving the soft and organic look I was looking for.
As usual, I gave a lot of importance to the sound world, to be able to bring an intimate and immersive atmosphere to the fi lm.
I approached the work of light and sound with one main idea in mind : to feel as close as possible to the textures and sensations of the pottery world (the stoneware turning, the water, etc.).
The goal for me through this fi lm was not simply to “show” things, but rather to make “feel” things, and place the human being at the center of the story.
This shoot with Inès was a real joy, a good teamwork and a great human encounter.”
Renaud Conti

Director’s Story & Work

Renaud Conti is a French independent fi lmmaker based in Provence, South of France.
He started his artistic career as a music composer, a music producer as well as a studio and stage musician, while also studying aside 35mm and medium format fi lm photography.
In 2016, he used for the fi rst time an old cheap digital camera, and combined his sound and photography skills to make his fi rst amateur fi lm, a documentary about permaculture called “ l’Abondance Végétale “.
This 19-minute fi lm had a great impact in the world of alternative agriculture in diff erent versions (French, English, Russian, Dutch) with a total of over 2 million views on YouTube.
He had fi nally found his way of expression, Filmmaking !
Since then, he has been working with many brands on a variety of projects, including corporate, fashion, travel and short documentaries with an attraction to documentary portraits.


Genre: Documentary
Country: France
Language: French with English subtitles included
Length in minutes: 3
YEAR: 2023