Empty Eyes

Emphy Eyes is a short film, a scream, a cry for help. A film that seeks to re-signify the glances in our pandemic times. More and more, humanity loses the power of true communication, leaving it for our eyes to transmit everything that does not fit in words.
Emphy Eyes was made in Brazil, but the message reverberates to the world.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Director & Written: Gabriel Duarte
DP: Mário
Editor: Allex Deracco
Make: Renatito
Producer: Alex Da Zs
1st AC: Caio Henrique
2nd AC: Mathe Mendes
Colorist: Mário
Voiceover:  Ana P Faria
Sound Mix & Master: Caio Passos
Cast: Shaolin, Malcon VL, Myla Rocha, Layla Foz, Regis, Gabi Maionchi, Renatito, Welen Alves

The story behind the film

We were at the height of the pandemic in Brazil, the climate was terror. I went to the door of my grandmother’s apartment to see how she was, and suddenly she directs me a phrase that struck me like lightning; “Nowadays, we can only know that a person is smiling through the eyes”. She said that because of the protective masks we used to wear. The moment I heard those words, I felt that there lived a huge potential for a film. I had no idea what it was going to become, and it ended up becoming Emphy Eyes. The film was made practically without any money, I called old friends to produce with me, actors I knew and the whole project was carried out independently.


Genre: Experimental
Country: Brazil
Language: Portuguese (english subtitles)
Length in minutes: 02:14
YEAR: 2020