Aided by a specialized device, a man goes on a journey to find answers.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

man: Andreas Schlicht

written, shot & directed by Konstantin Enste
assistant camera: Alexander Hansen

The story behind the film

„dad” takes a poetic approach in re-establishing a connection with a loved one. My intention was to maintain a level of mystery, leaving space for interpretation while presenting a simple narrative.

For this particular theme, I wanted to return to a more handheld and documentary style, diverging from the graphic compositions and extensive set design I’ve been doing in past projects. Filming outdoors without a tripod, relying solely on available light, proved to be a liberating experience.

When crafting the search devices – the receiver and transmitter – I repurposed components from old heating systems, buttons, cable trunking, white paint, and paint particles to achieve an aged look.

The entire project was captured in a single day with a tiny team of three, including the actor. The initial scenes were filmed in my studio, where I could almost keep everything natural as it was. For the forest and field scenes, I pre-scouted a route that we could follow on foot during the shooting day. This little walk through nature evolved into a rather meditative journey for all of us.


Genre: Drama
Country: Germany
Language: English
Length in minutes: 03:16
YEAR: 2023