Casey Jones: Live Wire

When street vigilante Casey Jones confiscates a futuristic gun from a criminal, he begins to question his brand of justice, but after footage of the fight spreads, girlfriend April O’Neil warns that he may be drawing the unwanted attention of a dark and powerful organization!

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Directed by- Chaz Dray/ Adam Michaels
Written by Chaz Dray
Additional Story by Adam Michaels/ Steve Chesworth
Based on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Produced by Chromatic Phantom/ Motion 66 Studios/
Vantage Point Visuals
Executive Producers- Chaz Dray/Adam Michaels/Steve Chesworth/
Aaron Goodwin/Tony Wash
Producers-Phillip Christopher/ Chris Beauchesne
Associate Producers-J.D. Wilson/ Laura Chesworth/ Nate Gilbert/
Jeffrey J. Ellen/ Casey Dewayne Alexander
Director of Photography- Phillip Christopher
Production Designer- Steve Chesworth
Film Editor- Phillip Christopher/Adam Michaels/Chaz Dray/
Steve Chesworth
Opening Credit Animation-Dominic Valdez
Closing Credit Animation-Joey Goodlow
Music by- Wolfgrave

Adam Michaels
Kali Libby
Greg Foster
Jacob Bates
Kai Young
Jon Beal
Phil Soulides
Glenese Hand
Cody Evans
Derrick Simmons
Russell James Schoenbeck
Chaz Dray

The story behind the film

From comics to cartoons, action figures and live action, we’ve seen many versions of this beloved TMNT character. Join us in this behind the scenes look at the creation of Casey Jones: Live Wire.


Genre: Action
Country: USA
Language: English
Length in minutes: 28
YEAR: 2022