a Ballad from Peninsula

This short film is a love letter to one of the most beautiful places on the world.
It is is a reflection of the mighty Kamchatka peninsula.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

dir./dp Igor Popeliukh
1ad Alisa Orekhova
drone Andrey Visus
copyright Dmitry Iuanov
music/sound Alexander Kuzin
color Nikolay Smirnov
voice Victor Mamonov
titles Maks Popov
vfx Yaroslav Zvykov

The story behind the film

I’ve been to Kamchatka several times and this place forced me to make a short film about this amazing peninsula.
The concept was to tell a story from a Kamchatka’s point of view, to wonder what if this piece of land was a man.

There were lot of challenges especially during filming period because of lack budget and the weather. The weather is so random on Kamchatka and it changes so fast. You literally can not plan properly even 1 day in advance, so we just tried to fit into nature’s plans.


Genre: Documentary / Outdoor
Country: Russia
Language: Russian
Length in minutes: 2.08
YEAR: 2022