This video contains nudity that may not be appropriate for some users.

A name written in water

On the last day of the earth’s life, Greta, a shy and introverted girl decides to upset its certainties. She decides to spend the remaining few hours together with strangers, on the bank of a lake, completely naked. These are the best moments of her life, however, she chooses to terminate its existence alone, as it has always been.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Director – Simone Consoli
Production Manager – Matteo Ballarati
Production Assistant – Emiliano Oggero
1 Assistant Director – Gerardo Tummillo
2 Assistant Director – Maria Carmela Francalanza
Script Supervisor – Chiara Tenconi
Cinematography – Giovanni Baracchi
1 Assistant Camera – Alessio Ghielmetti
2 Assistant Camera – Roberta De Bernardi
Gaffer – Luca Pallaro
Set Designer – Leonardo Goldestein Bolocan
Set Designer Assistant – Christian Vendramini
Props Man – Manuel Galici
Sound Recordist – Marco Roveda
Editor – Alessio Ghielmetti
VFX – Matteo Andrian
SFX – Edoardo Ghizzoni
Sound Design and Original Score – Tommaso Simonetta
Colorist – Danilo Vittori


Genre: Drama
Country: Italy
Language: Italian
Length in minutes: 13:52
YEAR: 2021