A Crack in the Universe

For the last several decades, Hope Center for the Arts has been cultivating a niche corner of Anaheim’s musical and visual arts scene by giving the city’s intellectually disabled community a place to express themselves through the arts.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Director – Brandon Bloom
Producers – Brandon Bloom and Michele Vavonese
Cinematographer & Editor – Brandon Bloom
Music by Jeff Melanson
Sound Mix by Tony Perry
Color by Anthony Tocchio
Animation & title design by Dillon Moore
Archival Footage provided by Mark Terpening

Presented by Peif Films
In Association with HOPE Center for the Arts
A special thanks to all of the artists and facilitators of HOPE

The story behind the film

This story focuses on a group of artists who have been fighting to carve out a space for themselves for decades. They have been put in institutions, disenfranchised, and given very few opportunities to transcend the stigma and boundaries they were prescribed since birth. This population believes that art does not just bring people together, it helps bridge gaps, and I wanted to give these artists the opportunity to showcase their talents and art from their own perspective.


Genre: Documentary
Country: USA
Language: English
Length in minutes: 12
YEAR: 2022