New Generation Power Bank

A powerful extra portion of energy for on the road: The mobile high-performance battery supplies you with sufficient power during your outdoor activities on the set. In areas without mains supply, the strong power bank is a useful energy reserve!

Ultra Strong Portable Power Bank

Energy Oasis with 5 ports: Charge up to 4 USB mobile devices and 1 DC at the same time.
 One powerbank, many charging options: The 60000mAh strong battery can be charged via mains adapter, USB Type-C or Micro USB.

Thanks to the LCD display, you are optimally prepared. It gives you information about input and output capacity, as well as the remaining power of the device.
Safe to use: the portable power bank automatically protects against short circuit, overheating and overcharging.

✓ Your mobile power: easily chargeable via mains adapter
✓ Supplies you with power everywhere
✓ 5 connection options; for 4x USB and 1x DC connection
✓ Massive power capacity of 60000mAh
✓ Practical carrying handle
✓ Protection against short circuit, overheating and overcharging
✓ Integrated LED display with clear information

Input interfaces
hours charging time only