We're All Leaving

22-year-old Jeppe is suffering from autism and works in a camping shop in his birthtown Silkeborg. Everything seems chaos when a collegue suddenly decides to change all the systems in the shop. But when the city girl Mynthe and her two girlfriends check into the camping site, Jeppe cannot concentrate on anything else but the fascination of this strange girl. Mynthe is on vacation – away from her mother and an unstable life. When she meets Jeppe at a summer party, she somehow finds the stability she has longed for. They fall in love with each other’s differences with ties so close that Jeppe begins to fear the day the holiday is over and Mynthe has to go back to Copenhagen. Keeping the love between the two youngsters seems impossible – until Jeppe realizes that Mynthe may need him more than he needs her.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Director And Writer: Jonas Risvig
Producer: Maria Lysdal
Production Manager: Asbjørn Dam
Co-production: M&M Productions Aps
Executive Producer: Kim Magnusson
Co-producer: Tivi Magnusson
Producer Assistant: Anna Hoffmann
Jeppe: Viktor Medom
Mynthe: Marie Boda
Naja: Roberta Hilarius Reichhardt
Anna: Marie Reuther
Mona: Laura Bach
Sebastian: Thomas Bek
Lasse: Tue Lunding
Mikkel: Elias Munk
Lars: Rasmus Hammerich

Director Of Photography: Jonas Blond
Editor: Jesper Bækdal
Gaffer: Claus Høyner
Production Sound: Stefan Garfield Rasch Holm‎
Sound Design & Foley: Stefan Garfield Rasch Holm‎ & Teis Syvsig

First Assistant Camera: Asger Stage
Underwater Camera Opreator: Jan Bue Laumark
Productions Assistants: Jeppe Frey Winther Kristensen, Kristoffer Kristensen & Tobias Ervolder Production Designer: Veronika Maria Bach
Hair And Makeup: Mia Celine Grahovac Hansen

Composer: Mathias Loose
Mastering: Mørkværk Studio
Production Company: M&M Productions
First Assistant Director: Søren Bastrup Bojsen
Assistant Director Signe Høi Jensen
Line-producer Assistants: Emma Hensel & Nanna Hoffmann

Grading: Kristopher Paterson
VFX: Aske Melhof

Casting: Jonas Risvig Og Maria Lysdal
Agencies: Lindberg Management & Team Players
Conference Room: Jacks Studio

Digital Conform, Finishing And Mastering: Steffen Benger
Art Direction: TOT CPH

Still Photographer: Christian Kejlskov Torp
Behind The Scenes: Lukas Bauer & Emil Boye
Documentarist: Asger Stage
Content Creators For Social Media: Lukas Bauer & Emil Boye

Mentor: Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen
Supervisor: Nikolaj Feifer, Troels Engelbrecht, Sofie Siboni, Ian Isak, Jesper Christensen & Sofie Ravn
Script Consultant: Morten Boesdal Halvorsen
Research: Landsforeningen Autisme

Location: Sejs Bakker Camping Clothing
Design: A.O.A Clothing & Asta Sylvester
Sound Mixer: Stefan Garfield Rasch Holm‎

“The Girl Of A Thousand Faces”
Composed By Cyd Williams
Written By William Risvig
Produced By Mathias Loose
Mix And Master: Mørkværk Studio

Composed By Cyd Williams
Written By William Risvig
Mix And Master: Mørkværk Studio

Written By: Mark Damgaard, Rune Blicher Christensen, Lasse Langelund Christensen
Performed By: Insign
Produced By: Christian Agaton M., Anders Christiansen – Mørkværk Studios. In Courtesy Of Insign

“Journey Through My Brain”
Written By: Mark Damgaard, Lasse Langelund Christensen.
Performed By: Insign
Produced By: Christian Agaton M, Anders Christiansen – Mørkværk Studios. In Courtesy Of Insign

Catering: Tine Hellum, Marianne Lysdal, Frank Lysdal, Bente Skovgaard Risvig & Rikke Madsen. Press: Midtjyllands Avis, Det Sker I Silkeborg

Produced With Support From Aarhus Filmværksted 2018 And Ungepuljen Silkeborg
Produced With Support From: Act3, Maan Rental, Trust Rental, Filmgear & Merrild Studios Special Thanks To Mathilde Kofoed, Act3, Aalborg Zoo, Poul Munk, Heidi Pernille Thamestrup, Hotel Scandic, Visit Silkeborg, Teamplayers, Lindberg Management, Lotte Riisgaard Bjørn, Mascot, A.O.A Clothing, Vin Og Brocante, Farstad Optik, Mørkværk Studio, Okkels Is, In2zym, Buksecompagniet, Noa Noa Silkeborg, Madværkstedet, Jacks Studio, T.I.N.G, Silkefoto, Blomsten, Brinch Store, Mcdonalds Silkeborg, Frk. Flora, Kafferisteriets Tapasbar, Bang Og Olufsen, Et Nyt Hjem, Kimie Wulf, Schaufuss Cykler, Villa, Christian Simonsen, Asta Sylvester, Laura Julie Brage. Gitte Madsen, Alexander Paulsen Our Friends And Family


Genre: Youth / Drama
Country: Denmark
Language: Danish (Subbed in english)
Length in minutes: 28
YEAR: 2019