It doesn't matter where you are from but where you feel.

WE ARE de aquí is a short film to express the willingness to create hidden behind a sequence of talents and characters. During its process, this audiovisual piece has been a creative game between friends and professionals in the sector wanting to do different projects to those that usually do for work. It proposes a commitment to southern talent from Andalusia, showing many different artists and disciplines. An urban setting and visual metaphors that reflect on change, on being and showing oneself to the world, without forgetting or stopping loving oneself and one’s roots.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Director: Ángel Arenzana & Guillermo Cantero
Production: Kreativa Visual
Director of photography: Eduardo Jara
1st AC: Juan Molina
2nd AC: Javier Oliver

Head of Production KREATIVA: Carmen Torres
Production: Cristina Cordero y Javier Hidalgo
Gaffer: Gonzalo Frías
Sparks: Juanma de la Cruz, Jesús Viana, Dani Molina
Art director: Pilar Angulo
Make-up: Antonio Mateos

Photo: Ópalo, Kuny Diamond, Miguel Jiménez

Music: Lorenzo Soria
Sound mix: Tres gatos sonido
VFX: Rafael Cota
Credit design: Fernando Romero

Clothing Company: Zawkur, Fernando Claro, Long Play Jewels

La abuela produce
La Guadaña

Verónica Morales, África de la Cruz, Antonio Estrada, Pipa Porras, Ken Appledorn, Carmen Jaraya, Lorenzo Moinet, Xenia Lin, Fabio Chen, Antonio Burla, Corazón de Loba, Zawkur, Vereve Ysus, Irene Mateos, Áxel Gómez, MªIsabel Gordillo, Paloma Gómez, Noha Manfredi, Farian, Amadou Diarra, Iliés Benahsine, Jacobo Tomé, Pablo Salinas, Jesus Carrasco, Rober Paris

Hugo Suarez, Silvia López , Patricia Muñoz, Sara Beauchy, Charlie Garcia, Salva Ruiz, Elý Silva, Andrew Jim, Pipa Porras, Blanco Azahar Floristería


Genre: Fashion Film
Country: Spain
Language: English / Spanish
Length in minutes: 2:40
YEAR: 2021