A drunken Halloween night sends a suburbanite on a collision course with two hired guns.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Written and Directed by: Patryk Terelak, Rockwell White
Produced by: Patryk Terelak, Rockwell White, Brodie Zoschke
Director of Photography: Patryk Terelak

Adam Newman – Rockwell White
Matt Hill – Brad Morgan
Billy Reed – Evan Newman
Charlie Burns – Patryk Terelak
Paul Porter – Brodie Zoschke
The Mark (Mr. Halloween) – James Yates
Alice Newman – Tasha Leibel
Detective Roger Ames – Thomas O’Nyons
Detective Dean Patterson – Patrick Newman
Crime Scene Investigator (Jimmy) – Joel Schmid
The Dog Sitter – Dorota Terelak
The Mark’s Dog – Conan
Man Disposing Trash – Matt Little
Phone Voice – Grant Harvey
Jess Reed – Jessica Rossouw
Party Guest #1 – Ailie Scott
Party Guest #2 – Rebecca Washington
Party Guest #3 – Alea Koop

Production Assistants
Joel Schmid, Evan Newman, Patrick Newman,
Alea Koop, Mason Koop, Rebecca Washington

Original Score: Patryk Terelak, Evan Newman
Additional Music (Songtitle – Artist)
Everyone Can Feel Alive – Kidpenny
Every Day With You (Piano) – Brother James
They Will Come For You (Instrumental) – Brad Hill
Mild To Moderate Hysteria – Brad Hill

Editor/VFX, Colorist, Sound Design: Patryk Terelak
Hair and Make-up: Ailie Scott
Colorist: Patryk Terelak
Location Sound: Evan Newman, Brodie Zoschke, Chad Hayes


Genre: Crime / Thriller
Country: Canada
Language: English
Length in minutes: 19:40
YEAR: 2022