uTransfer is a new device that allows for certain U.S. Citizens to transfer their consciousness into a utopia called the New World.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Writer + Director – Giorgio Miraflor
Director of Photography – Jordan Schatzberg
Sound Mixer – Lucas Schatzberg
Colorist – Mary Perrino
Composer – Hollie Buhagiar
VFX Artist – Marco Maldera
Sound Designer – Rich Cerbini

Salmo Miraflor – Rio Flores
Bella Mangiafico – uTransfer Female Voice
AJ Hernandez – uTransfer Male Voice

The story behind the film

uTransfer started brewing in my head when I was ruminating on my parents’ immigration process into the U.S. They did everything they could to give my brother and I better opportunities, and that was one that they felt was necessary. That mixed with me watching a lot of Black Mirror during the time really got my writing juices going. It was a fun process because it became a nice outlet for me to show my love and appreciation for my Mom and Dad and all the hurdles they had to jump through whether it be culturally, socially, socio-economically, or all the above for the sake of family.


Genre: Sci-Fi
Country: USA
Language: English
Length in minutes: 9:43
YEAR: 2019