Un puits très profond

Emilie is alone in her well (Un puits très profond). Even if she’s pretty scared, she decides to dive in it. During her journey in the well, she will be surprised to discover the most beautiful things she couldn’t imagine.
Alone in her solitude, she will cross amazing new landscapes and will emerge very grown from this journey.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Producteur : Simone Records
Actrice : Émilie Laforest
Musique “Un puits très profond” : Émilie Laforest
Réalisation, caméras & montage : Frédérique Bérubé
Assistante : Julie Hamelin

The story behind the film

To evoke unknown territories deep within, Frederique had the idea of ​​going camping in Death Valley, a region that she knows very well. Unlike her, it was my first time in this region. She rent a camping car in LA and we drove in a lot of different locations she knew or found.
She prepared an amazing itinerary alone.
She filmed alone all the scenes, with a lot of gear (even a drone!) and did all the editing alone. She’s amazing. We were there for 7 days to shoot all the video in a lot of amazing locations.
It was the most unexpected journey because we decided to fly to death valley 7 days before leaving.

At Bad water, we were supposed to be on a tray of salt. But three days before, it rained, which never happens there. The tray was covered with a thin layer of water. No one had seen this before. It was surreal. So it’s like I’m walking on water! It was amazing, each locations, each seconds.


Genre: Music Video
Country: Canada
Language: French
Length in minutes: 5:15
YEAR: 2024