Trivial Pursuit

Two angsty hitmen can’t seem to agree on the meaning of life.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Created by: Dumpster Child Films
Production Company:
Writer / Director: Ryan Sheehy
Concept by: Alex and Matthew Harris
1st AD: Sara Casey
Coordinator: Mike Larareo
Sound Mixer: Kristopher Sheehy
Cinematographer: Noah Toaso
Gaffer: Amber Steele
1st AC: Phillip Hoang
Steadicam: Avery Ramirez
Production Design: Rachel Dreger
Art Director: Guillaume Kesteloot
Makeup Artist: Nicole Asher
Film Composure: Club Le Bump // Knox

Old Lady: S.J. Mendelson
Hipster Thief: Tad Cooley
Hit Man 1: Alex Harris
Hitman 2: Matthew Harris
Sheehy: Mi Kwan Lock
Gangster #1 Lisa Krass
Henchman: Tad Cooley
Gangster #2: Madison Fredericks
Gangster #3: Chawa Kahane
Driver: Anthony Hoard
Dead Guy #1: Mike Larareo
Dead Guy #2: Guillaume Kesteloot
Dead Guy #3: Anthony Aguirre


Genre: Dark Comedy
Country: USA
Language: English
Length in minutes: 8:48
YEAR: 2020