This is a Robbery

A night. An office. A thief, hunter for printers and other small loot, finds a safe with a lot of money, but a boss who knows the password decides to hang himself. The thief catches him at the edge of the table.

Now the thief needs to find out the password, and the boss, with a noose on his neck, needs to complete his suicide attempt, but without giving his money away.
It becomes more complicated with unexpected visit of an assistant, who also wants to rob his boss.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Written, Directed and Produced – Anna Korchagina, Ivan Stepanov
Director of Photography – Alexey Andreev
Music – Mariano Bunge

Robber – Andrey Kurganov
Boss – Alexey Malashkin
Assistant – Ivan Zvyagintsev

First Assistant Director – Maksim Zhura
1st Assistant Camera – Alexander Petrakov

Gaffer – Dmitry Davidenko
Electrician – Alexey Obuhov

Dolly Grip – Alexey Svyatenko

Sound Recordist – Igor Gladkiy

Stunt Coordinator – Viktor Serduk
Stunt Performer – Andrey Selivanov

Set Managers – Alexey Malyhin, Vladislav Akkuratnov

Casting Director – Guram Gabunia

Hairstylist – Alexander Kirilishin

Editor – Ivan Stepanov
Sound Designer – Nikita Alekseenko
Colorist – Maksim Zhura
VFX Artist – Andrey Bulgakov, Ivan Stepanov


Genre: Сomedy
Country: Russia
Language: Russian
Length in minutes: 10:40
YEAR: 2019