The Yellow Ribbon

In an alternate reality where soulmates exist, Anne considers herself the exception to the rule, having no soul-thread. However, when she meets soulmate-skeptic Mo, she feels an instant connection, taking her under her wing in the hopes of defining their relationship. When Mo realizes her intentions, she must reconsider her cynicism towards soulmates or risk losing Anne for good.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Director: Ashlin Winckler
Screen Writer: Ashlin Winckler
Producer: Olive Tambwe
Executive Producers: Cor Winckler, Heidi Winckler
Cinematographer: Reuben Goldblum
Editor: Olivia Howarth
1st Assistant Camera
2n Assistant Camera
Sound Engineer: Robin Faul
Composer: Ehren Ebbage and Aqib Kazi

Roxy Modricky as Anne
Amy Gietzmann as Mo
Sage van Niekerk as Charlie

The story behind the film

I’ve always been interested in human connection and what it means to form a special bond with someone – whether that be friendship, romance or something else that cannot be described with words alone. I wanted to tell a story about connections and how romantic bonds aren’t the only important relationships we as humans can have. I think, what with romance being so highly promoted in media, that we tend to forget our friends and family can be just as important to us as our romantic partners and so that’s what I’m hoping for the audience to take away from Anne and Mo’s story – a reminder to cherish all the bonds you have formed with your loved ones and those so special to you, you cannot find the words to begin explaining your connection.


Genre: Romance / Drama / LGBTQ+ / Queer / Magic Realism
Country: South Africa
Language: English
Length in minutes: 30
YEAR: 2021