The Neolith

A mysterious individual takes action against a pack of bloodthirsty outsiders whose thirst for dominance is thriving.

The Neolith is a new kind of short film. It stretches the boundaries and definitions of how a ‘short’ is typically identified. This kind of approach was my intent from the very beginning. To make a high-end, visually based, subjective short that was ambitious in scope, yet loaded with substance.

To me The Neolith is not just one single project. It is the precursor for what is to come. The inspiration behind it came from many things, my own creative instinct being the primary influence. Though aspects of mysticism, Jungian theories of the shadow self and Gnosticism all play their part as does the physicality of the landscape in which The Neolith is set.
All these aspects mirror certain conflicts and dynamics within the human psyche. The Neolith is not defined to one specific time. Some have interpreted it as being set in the past, others believe it is set in the future or a different realm entirely. Though certain drives within the films individual characters can be recognized regardless of time or place.

“Too much animal distorts the civilized man” wrote Jung “too much civilization makes sick animals.”

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Written, directed, produced : Daniel Boocock

The Making Of


Genre: Action / Adventure / Period / Drama / Fantasy / Horror
Country: United Kingdom
Language: No dialogue
Length in minutes: 00:29:47
YEAR: 2020