A young woman’s post-pandemic anxiety reaches grisly new heights, when she is confronted by tormented visions of intimacy.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Director/ Producer: Rob Ulitski
Girl: Annabella Rich
Guy: Chris Mills

THE KISS: Post-pandemic anxieties in a grisly horror world.

Like most filmmakers, I wasn’t able to make much narrative work during lockdown, so when the easing of restrictions came about, I wanted to make something punchy, short and possible to do in a really short timeframe.

I had wanted to team up with local actors (and good friends) Bella and Chris again, and this was a perfect concept for us all to collaborate on.

We shot it in Wickham, Hampshire, in a community centre space quite fittingly called “The Long Room”. Bella and Chris were the only cast, and I was the only crew member, taking it from script through to editing and colouring (with a fun couple of moments applying fake blood and weird melted skin effects on them both).

This film helped me get over the lockdown slump, and also helped externalise some of the health anxieties and worries I think many of us have been carrying around in such an unusual and devastating period.


Genre: Horror
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Length in minutes: 1:42
YEAR: 2021