The Chosen

After the apocalypse becomes known Rael gathers his most loyal followers around him to be saved by their creators. Not everyone is aware that this requires some drastic means.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Rael – Timo Pierre Rositzki
Moderator – Laura Ehrich
Risa – Josieane McCartney
Anna – Annalena Nitsche

Writer/Director/Producer – Frederic Eynck
D.O.P. – Tim Schuback
Editing – Frederic Eynck
Grading – Christian Lessner
Sound – Florian Gudzian
Mixing/Mastering – Markus Hunke
Music – Timo Pierre Rositzky
VFX & Compositing – Frederic Eynck
Matte Painting – Ralf Marczinczik

The Idea

The film had the goal to capture the attraction and fascination of a charismatic leader, even if his beliefs, goals and actions are repugnant for most people. No one can imagine to get hooked by a sect and in discussions about them you often hear sentences like “How stupid do you have to be to join them.” or “That would never happen to me.”. But most people ignore how easy it is for a charismatic person to manipulate someone who is searching for meaning or is having just a bad time.

The Sect

As inspiration for the sect and its leader functions the existing religious movement “Raëlism”. It is a UFO religion who believes that the human race is created by an extra-terrestrial species – the Elohim.

About the director

Frederic Eynck is the producer, author, director and editor of “The Chosen”.
The film is his main project for his Digital Film Production B.A. at the SAE Institute Bochum and his first fully fictional short film. He made his first steps in the film industry with various experimental shorts and sketches during his first studies in molecular biology. Afterwards he turned completely to his passion, studied film production in Bochum and founded the film and animation production company “Flowing Motion Studio” with a fellow student in early 2020.


Genre: Drama / Thriller
Country: Germany
Language: German
Length in minutes: 11:30
YEAR: 2020