The Boys Outside

At their own device, three friends adventure outside in the rural south while discussing their finals days of 8th grade.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Written & Directed by A.J. Riggins
Produced by A.J. Riggins

Brenan Young
Michael Eli Jackson
Brandon L. Jordan

Director of Photography – Conor Murdock
Production Designer – Miles McKeller-Smith
Edited by – CJ Duncan
Music by – Meng-Tung Lee
Sound Designer – Zach Smith
Colorist – Andrew Mirmanesh
Unit Production Manager – Anna Ray
First Assistant Director – Camille Bourne
Script Supervisor – Kathryn Chatman

The story behind the film

The Boys Outside is intended to be a simple, slice-of-life prologue that supports the world-building for the character of Toine that includes the visual expression “Look at Toine” and a feature film in development featuring these same characters.

This film is a love letter to those hot, humid North Carolina Summers. The nostalgia and lingo from the early 2000s. The inner child of us all.

Love, A.J


Genre: Coming of Age / Drama
Country: USA
Language: English
Length in minutes: 10
YEAR: 2021