The is film is a visual treatment of the Poem “Tenderness” By American poet Joshua Edward Smith. The visuals are inspired by conversations with Joshua about his state of mind when writing the poem “Tenderness”. Joshua described life from his perspective as, “a race against time with himself”. His struggle with identity and time is explored in the film by the repetition of his own image immersed in the world of a chess game against himself.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Director: Adam William Wilson
VFX- Luke Bellissimo
Editor – Nick Deliberto
DOP- Kris Belchevski
Sound design- Chris Nungary
Colorist- Ana Escorse
Music- Deeb Ryan Haidar

The story behind the film

Tenderness was born out of conversation. We were introduced through a director friend of mine a few years back. Joshua was making poetry albums and was interested in pairing them with visuals. Like a music video for poetry. Poetry is such a vibe so I though let’s do a performance of sorts and wrap josh up in themes relevant to his state of mind while writing the poem Tenderness. Joshua described his life at the time (he was 23) as a race against time with himself. He was full of ambition and creative energy and was putting a lot of pressure on himself. He was a big fan of the queens gambit so we decided to have him playing chess against himself and then immerse him in a visual world of chess with themes of passing time. The film is abstract surrealism, leaning more towards the surreal than the abstract.


Genre: Experimental / Poetry
Country: USA
Language: English
Length in minutes: 2min
YEAR: 2023