Taylor B-W – In Ur Net

A music video for artist Taylor B-W’s single In Ur Net.

This video and track is an intimate ode to the cataclysm that is love, an anthem for those who get caught in love’s web. We wanted to visualise a lush portrayal of a woman’s state of mind. In a series of scenes and vignettes we used extreme closeups and composed frames to elicit a feeling of claustrophobia between her and her partner. We never see the partner’s face, just the shadow and outline of them. She is in their orbit; caught in their net, unable to let go.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Artist: Taylor B-W
Director / Editor: Desmond Hoo
Producers: Taylor B-W and Desmond Hoo
DOP: Matt Scott Chow
Cam Assists: Cam Robertson, Andy Diep and Shimmy Yang
HMUA: Maddison Gray
Production Assist: Ira Friedberg
Colour: Nicholas Andrews
Boyfriend: August Rogers
BTS Photographer: Lachlan Connor
Titles/Artwork: Cath Connell


Genre: Music Video
Country: Australia
Language: English
Length in minutes: 3:34
YEAR: 2022