Snowgirl - Снегурочка

A mysterious girl appears in the lives of an elderly childless couple and a troubled young man and transforms their understanding about love and life.
Loosely based on the Russian fairy tale about Snegurochka, this story is about miracles , but also about trusting the divine forces at work.
The film is suitable for children as well as adults.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Cast: Ekaterina Egorova, Evgenyi Gaichuk, Helen Rekkor, Aleksandr Zhilenko and many others

Directed by: Ilina Perianova

Produced by: Ilina Perianova, Maria Kriisa, Yagama aka M. Perianova, Uga Buga Art

Executive Producers: Kristiina Amor, Irina Frederika Tarvida

Associate Producer: Katarzyna Kochani

Cinematography: Andrey Kulpin

Editing: Nadya Prakhova, Baros Demir, Ilina Perianova

Production design : Marjaa Pabunen, Ilina Perianova

Costumes: Vassilisa Danavir

Sound: Valentin Kirilov

Sound mix: Dmitry Natalevich, Ivan Andreev

Music: Björn Norralt

Visual Effects: Nicola Piovesan

Color grading: Kalin Petrov

Make- up: Edith Eller, Lydia Feodora

The story behind the film

Living in the moment is one of the most difficult tasks for the human being, because we constantly strive for something or someone that would make us happy in the future. Yet learning to let go helps us live fully in the present and realize that true love is unconditional and one needs to find a way to love despite all the odds.

I have always been interested in fairy tales. This is why I chose Snegurochka as my thesis at the Baltic Film and Media School. What intrigued me in this particular tale is that it portrays the transcience of life and the fluidity of all things through the character of Snegurochka. It features saliently the juxtaposition of life and death, hope and desperation, cold and warmth. The story shows the awakening of the earth, of spring coming after a long period of cold and darkness and reminds us of the fragility of nature and our impact on it.
In the script I tried to combine and interwine the themes mentioned from a combination of the classical Snegourochka fairy tale and the Ostrovsky’play of the same name.


Genre: Romance / Comedy
Country: Estonia / Bulgaria
Language: Russian
Length in minutes: 28
YEAR: 2016