SISTIR - In The Eyes

The music video of “In the Eyes” by Sistir follows a young woman at the demise of a relationship, looking back on both the good times and the bad. We follow her as she learns to reconnect with herself, and find her inner joy again, expressed through dance.

Starring Emma Eliza Regan and Dan Monghan, the video & song both focus on femininity, trauma, sexuality, and emotional urgency. We watch as two people learn that, despite all the positives and fun moments, they are not the right people for each other, and accept that that’s ok, moving on with their lives while holding on to the memories.

A moving yet energetic piece, Directed by Brian McDonnell and shot by Ignas Laugalis, the video uses bold lighting and an interesting use of shutter speeds as representation of the memory and nostalgia, owing to the song’s 80’s synth inspired style of dance music.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

Director/Producer: Brian McDonnell
DP: Ignas Laugalis
1st AC: Daniel Bolanos Meade & Jack Long
Lighting: Eoghan Hand & Finn Rankin
Editor: Oisin O’Hara
Colourist: Patrick Corr

Emma Eliza Regan
Dan Monaghan
Niamh Mahony


Genre: Music Video
Country: Ireland
Language: English
Length in minutes: 4
YEAR: 2023