SINU - einmaleins

A man has a destructive addiction to croissants. A story about being in control, being controlled & losing control.

Credits / Collaborators / Cast

music & lyrics by SINU, produced by Wolfgang Stach & Brisinski
label: unserallereins

cast: SINU

man: Sinan Köylü
parcel carrier: Tim Zeimet

written, shot & directed by Konstantin Enste
1st AC: Maren Rudolph
spark: Leif Plath
props & make-up: Bianca Büdenbender
set design & edit: Konstantin Enste

shot at Plattform Studio

special thanks to:
Jonas Dämgen, Jan-Philip Baldus, Julia Schraft, Alexander Hansen, Christina Rankel, Dirk Wellbrock, Florian Kluck & the Plattform Family

The story behind the film

Since the lyrics of the song are kind of implicit, the band wanted me to have an unspoiled experience and let me write down some ideas before we exchanged thoughts. During that conversation we realized that our understanding of the song did resonate very well.
„Einmal [ ] eins [mit dir]“ can be translated into „to be one (with something)“ and this is where the idea for addiction & dependency sparked from initially.

Genre: Music Video
Country: Germany
Language: German
Length in minutes: 03:59
YEAR: 2021